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2020 Frequently Asked Questions

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many unprecedented challenges. Campus Operations staff have gone above and beyond during this time to care for one another and our campus. Throughout the spring, we have had to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and that will continue to be the case throughout the summer and into the next academic year. 

Uncertainty can be frustrating, and even scary, but we are committed to sharing new information when we have it and addressing questions and concerns transparently. Our staff have brought up excellent questions, many of which you can find below. We are still in the process of figuring out answers to some questions. If we do not have an answer yet, we will do our best to share how we plan to find an answer. Have a question you do not see addressed below? Please submit it through this form

Where can I find the latest information from the University about COVID-19?

Please visit this page to see announcements sent out by the University.

Where can I read announcements for Campus Operations?

Each Tuesday and Friday, Mark Detterick emails updates to all Campus Operations staff. You can also read those updates on this page.

There is a hiring freeze through June 30, 2021. My unit needs to hire staff. How will we be affected?

We recognize that it will be essential to fill some positions in the coming months. Campus Operations will develop a process to review requests from Campus Operations units. Approved requests will then be submitted to the University’s process that Human Resources is developing. 

Will the hiring freeze affect promotions where they are open?

Similar to vacant positions, there will be a process for which requests to fill positions that are vacant as a result of promotions. We recognize that it will be essential to fill some positions, including promotions, in the coming months. Campus Operations will develop a process to review requests from Campus Operations units. Approved requests will then be submitted to the University’s process that Human Resources is developing. 

How will the hiring freeze affect student employment?

At this time, we do not anticipate this having an impact on student employment. We will share any updates if this changes. 

Why aren't staff receiving merit increases?

Faculty and staff will not receive a merit increase in fiscal year 2021 (July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021) because we want to keep as many of our current staff employed as possible despite a forecasted shortfall of $10 to $12 million in the fiscal year 2021 budget. We fully recognize the impact of this measure on our faculty and staff and their families, and we regret that it is necessary.

President Crutcher, David Hale, and Jeffrey Legro will take a 10% reduction to their salaries throughout fiscal year 2021. All vice presidents and academic deans have agreed to take a 5% reduction to each of their respective salaries.

Is anything changing with performance reviews?

Managers should submit performance ratings for all of their employees in UR Talent Web no later than Friday, July 10th. Employees should sign their completed performance documentation in UR Talent Web by Friday, July 17th. 

In the coming weeks, employees and their managers should work together to review and document progress made on goals and overall performance for the current year and engage in an end-of-year performance conversation. These conversations may take place on the phone or using Zoom. If you are unable to access UR Talent Web, the end-of-year performance conversation should be documented in another format such as a Word document, email, or handwritten note and saved to be uploaded to UR Talent Web at a later date.

URHR has many online resources available to assist with documenting the end-of-year performance process and engaging in a meaningful performance conversation. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the URHR Solution Center at 804-289-URHR (8747) or

Will this affect vacation time, health insurance costs, or the University's contributions to my retirement account?

Human Resources is working on answering all of those questions right now. We will update this page as they provide information to us.

Will overtime pay be affected?

As of right now, there is not an impact to overtime budgets.  The current process will continue, ensuring all overtime hours will be reviewed and approved prior to spending.

Will inclement weather pay be affected?

This is not under consideration at this time.

Considering the need for divisions to identify budget savings, will cost avoidance (ex: low gasoline use) qualify?

Yes, we want to hear your good ideas such as cost avoidance from lower than normal use of resources.

Will technical training off campus be placed on hold?

As of right now, there is not an impact to training or education benefits.

How will staff be brought back to campus, all at once or in various groups? 

Staff will be brought back in phases based on their ability to do work remotely and tasks that need to be completed on campus to prepare for the fall semester. We will follow guidelines issued by the Governor of Virginia and the CDC and will implement recommended physical distancing and other precautions for a healthy workplace.

Once people return to campus, will all retail locations still operate on the same hours? 

Dining Services managers are considering all the possible scenarios for what summer and fall could look like as they plan for the coming months. More details will be available once we know exactly how and when faculty, staff, and students will return to campus.

For those who have high number of student interactions, how will we enforce physical distancing? 

Contingency Planning is underway  across campus. The health and safety of the community will be interlaced in all elements of planning for the coming academic year. For more information about the planning taking place and the charges of the various planning groups visit this page.

Will more shuttle services to campus be available if the bus 75 route doesn't resume? 

Starting in September, GRTC will cancel bus 75 and have bus 77 rerouted to come to UR’s campus, continuing down Grove Avenue and ending at VCU, connecting with the Pulse at the Allison Street and the VCU/VUU Pulse Stations. The route will continue on its current timetable with service to UR’s campus every 30 minutes on weekdays and hourly on weekends. Transportation Services also plans to send out a survey to assess UR bus riders' needs.

What if I still have questions?

Please submit your question through this form. We will either provide an answer or tell you about who is working to answer that question.

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