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Stewardship & Resiliency

Stewardship & Resiliency is a transformational initiative within Campus Operations that builds off of a legacy of excellent work. Our goal is to function as one connected team so we can care for ourselves, one another, and this place. It’s up to all of us to lead the way to a better tomorrow.  

What does Stewardship & Resiliency mean? 

We want to be role models of good stewardship and resiliency for the University of Richmond. In Campus Operations, stewardship means care for our community and environment. We want to leave the University better than we found it for a better tomorrow.  Resiliency means we are able to recover quickly from disruptive change without being overwhelmed. We can rapidly adapt, problem solve, and respond to meet the needs of our community. 

What are we committed to with Stewardship & Resiliency? 

Connection - ensure each person on our team understands how the work they do connects to the University’s purpose  

Acceptance - embrace our past, together we care for our campus and make this a great place to work, live, and be fulfilled  

Responsibility - reflect on current practices and hold ourselves accountable for our actions  

Imagination –be open-minded and imagine what we can achieve together, because it is bigger than what any of us could do alone and will best prepare us for future challenges 

New Ideas - invite, expect, and value new ideas, creative solutions, and constructive feedback  

Growth - allow each person of the team to be heard, developed, and rewarded. 

What are the focus areas of Stewardship & Resiliency?

Currently, 90 team members from across Campus Operations are working on Stewardship and Resiliency projects. Groups of staff are working in four main themes: Environmental Stewardship, Professional Growth, Innovative Practices, and Communication. More information on each of those themes will be available soon. Within each theme, there are teams focused on specific topics like Energy Management in Environmental Stewardship or Recognition in Professional Growth. 

Although only a portion of Campus Operations staff are involved in these themes at the moment, there will be opportunities for everyone to participate and play an important role as Stewardship & Resiliency efforts develop.  

Lead the way with your idea!

We want your ideas on how to improve the way we work, the projects we prioritize, and how we communicate in Campus Operations. Click here to submit your suggestion and start building a better tomorrow.

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