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Kudos for the Campus Operations Team

Campus Operations team members do extraordinary work every day, and this page provides an opportunity to recognize some of their efforts. If you know someone who should be recognized for the great work they do, please follow the directions below.

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Kudos to Vessela Stefanova

June 2020

I think everyone in Campus Operations already knows how much of an asset Vessela is to our team. I took on the role of answering Facilities calls while the staff transitioned to working remotely. Some of the calls were more complex to navigate but Vessela helped me with each one whether big or small. She's caring, kind, and everyone knows how funny she can be! Vessela can always brighten the mood when things get a little tough and I'm glad to be working with her. Thank you, Vessela! I appreciate all your hard work!

Jennifer Bock
Administrative Assistant
Events, Conferences, and Support Services

Kudos to Peg Peebles

June 2020

Kudos to Peg Peebles, Floater Manager in Dining, for taking the lead and coordinating  the “Health Screening/Temperature Screening” training program. Her efforts are utilized in dining as the pilot program for the University, which  has now extended to the Events Office and Facilities department. Thank you, Peg!

Kudos to McKinley Wood

June 2020

Kudos to McKinley Wood from University Facilities who has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the Army reserves. Many thanks to McKinley for serving with our military.

Kudos to Jackie McConnell

June 2020

Jackie is great! He is extremely accommodating and always has a positive attitude. This morning, Jackie readily agreed to deliver a large, heavy package to the appropriate faculty lab, instead of leaving it in the mail room for us to figure out how we would move such a heavy item. He was also wearing his mask, as is required now! We’re all lucky to have him on board at UR!!

Karyn Kuhn
Administrative Coordinator, Psychology

Kudos to Carlton Sanders, Manny Haines, Keith Williams, Rod Hence, Wa Hit, Jonathan LaPrade, and Clarence Keith

June 2020

When i got the call about a flood and entered Gottwald, there was 1” of water in all of C pod. The call was made to custodial and within minutes the team showed up and went full tilt and extracted that water in an extremely impressive time. They moved printers off the ground and got cords and anything that could potentially get damaged out of the way.  Carlton was great!!!  He was staging people and running to get more equipment and blowers. If they did not respond and act as fast and as smooth as they did, there would have been tremendous damage to sheet rock and baseboard. I appreciate the effort and pride they take in their work! Its great to work with people who are not only good at what they do but also care about what they do!!! 

Frank McMurrough
Mechanical Supervisor

Kudos to Tim Dorsey and Johnny Cornish

June 2020

In this uncertain time, we are working differently, facing new challenges, and doing our best to navigate to a “new normal,” all the while continuing to serve our customers. While our daily lives are changing, one thing remains a top priority – recognizing and celebrating the outstanding accomplishments of our Service Delivery organization. This is more important than ever.

Fiscal Year 2019 (April 2019-March 2020) was the first year for our new STAR Annual Performance Award, and we announced 371 winners of this award, out of our eligible employee base of 8,000 employees.  Our marketplace had 13 winners, my team had 4 winners and of those 4 winners, Johnny Cornish and Tim Dorsey were two of them. This award measures and rewards the very best in performance throughout our Service Delivery organization in FY2019, factoring Engagement Reward Credits (Rewarded quarterly), Performance Appraisal Scores, Ricoh Core Value Scores, and Individual Performance Credits (specific to job function metrics). The prize that each winner was awarded was a substantial dollar amount that could be used toward merchandise, gift cards, vacation, college tuition, and much more.  From a visibility perspective, these winners are seen all the way up at our Ricoh, USA CEO level.  Very prestigious award and 2 of our U of R service providers were winners.  I am very proud of them.

Ryan Mc Donald
Area Operations Manager

Kudos to Brandy Martin and Anne Stewart Freeman

May 2020

For the last couple of months, we have been navigating the tricky world of Summer Camps and Conferences. Until earlier this week, the whole process had been at a bit of a trickle. However, on Wednesday the faucet was thrown wide open. With the announcement that all camps and conferences would be cancelled, we started the daunting task of undoing Summer Camps and Conferences. Fortunately, Brandy and Anne Stewart had been diligently preparing all along to handle this task when it came to be. They worked with me to develop a communications plan and they've been methodically and expertly working through cancellations, refunds, and correspondence with parents all while tending to their other assignments and planning for fall programs, spring programs, and summer 2021. With their help, this process has gone so smoothly and I'm very impressed. Thank you!

David Donaldson
Operations and Summer Programs Manager
Events, Conferences & Support Services

Kudos to Francine Reynolds

May 2020

I would like to recognize Francine Reynolds fromOne Card Services. She worked double time with our access provider to figure a way to comply with the access requirements for the students returning to retrieve their items. This took an enormous amount of time and testing to create a solution in a very short amount of time. She went over and beyond to come up with a solution.

Dianne St. John
Administrative Coordinator, One Card Office

Kudos to Jennifer Bock

May 2020

Prior to working from home, Jenn played an integral role in the Events Office. Not only has she continued to actively and excellently support the Events Office as we navigate out way through 2020, but she has also stepped up to assist Facilities. She offered to take a phone home with her and have it set up to continue to offer customer support to Events clients. This grew into her also helping Facilities with phone support on their main line. Last week, in particular, was exceptionally busy. With students returning to campus, the call volume went up and the varied tone and subject matter of the calls was a bit of a roller coaster. As always, Jenn handled the situation professionally and sought to help each caller the best way she could. It was a bit calmer this week, but I know she'll step up again next week when more students descend on campus. Thanks for all of your help, Jenn!

David Donaldson
Operations and Summer Programs Manager
Events, Conferences & Support Services

Kudos to the Campus Operations Logistics Team

May 2020

I want everyone to be aware of the incredible work by the CO Logistics Team to pull together to organize the student move out effort. This is the student item pick up related to Gray and LoRo; student items are currently in JAC and Weinstein Center. This is in addition to the volunteer effort spearheaded by Patrick Benner regarding the other residence halls/apartments. Thank you, Sam, Joe, Rob, Kelsey and many others for this work. I look forward to seeing all these people on campus next week!

Mark Detterick
Senior Associate VP for Campus Operations

Kudos to Dining Services

May 2020

Hi. I am one of the students who is quarantined on campus since the very beginning and will stay here over the summer. First of all, I want to say how much I appreciate all the dining services staff will come in to work to make sure that the few of us who still reside here are fed and taken care of. You are all truly heroes and troopers… Well done and keep up the good work!

Kudos to Dining Services for the Graduation Dinner

May 2020

I reached out to Terry Baker, Executive Director, Dining Services, about the possibility of having a special meal/recognition for our graduating seniors who are staying on campus. Even though it was very last minute, Terry responded in such a wonderful way. These students will get a shrimp cocktail appetizer, special dessert (chocolate covered strawberries) and a graduation card with their Sunday dinner pick up meal. Sunday would have been their on campus graduation date.

Thank you, Terry. This will be so nice for the seniors who are here away from family on what would have been their graduation celebration.

Thank you to the following people who helped to make this meal possible and help our graduates celebrate:
 Tyler Betzhold, Vincent Savage, Megan Freeman, Richard Thomas, Peg Peebles, Earl Lee, Dave Bevan, Amanda Boyd, Piera Balsamo, Josh Hollaway, Ray Causey, Rachel Snyder, Ed Edwards.

Steve Bisese
Vice President, Student Development


May 2020

Thank you very much for the sweet note and a delicious meal at the dining hall for our graduation! It was such a pleasant surprise; thank you for thinking of us.

Nikolina Dakovic, '20

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Kudos to Karen Pierce and Johnny Cornish

May 2020

Thank you for a job well done by our staff here at the University of Richmond.  Both Karen Pierce and Johnny Cornish were very helpful in getting our machine set up to send faxes to our email since we are mainly working remote these days.  Job well done to all.

Robin Walinski
Lead Administrative Assistant
Student Health Center

Kudos to Peggy Shifflet, Scott Grundwald, Robert Barnes, Josh Gilleland, Paul Sandman, and Ken Campbell

April 2020

We have a great group of people working here. The driver from Sherman Williams accidentally spilled some latex paint in the parking lot.  Peggy Shifflet was first on the scene and asked for some help cleaning it up. My team of Scott Grundwald, Robert Barnes, Josh Gilleland, Paul Sandman, Ken Campbell and myself helped Peggy get it all cleaned up. I feel privileged to be working with a great bunch of people who jump right into action when there is a problem.

Mike Torquato
Manager Landscape Services

Kudos to Joe Wolff's Team

April 2020

Wanted to thank you for “sharing” your guys with us these last couple of days (moving student furniture/appliances). Combined the guys had a “get it done attitude” and were able to complete the task today around noon. I did want to give Matt, Curt and Julio a shout out for the excellent work. Thanks again for your help. 

Sam Lloyd
Support Services Manager

Kudos to Bracela Wright

April 2020

I'm a sophomore at UR who is home in Chicago quarantining. My favorite days at school all began in a similar fashion: walking into the dining hall bright and early to be greeted by Bracela behind the omelet bar. Our morning chats always gave me a big smile to start my day off.

Patrick O'Keefe, '22

Kudos to Dining Services

April 2020

Through the relationships already established, Dining Services has been able to contribute food donations to our partners at CARITAS. The Dining Team has done a great job limiting our losses and ensuring that the product that couldn’t be used was able to locally support those in need.

Kudos to Angela Richardson

April 2020

Kudos to Angela Richardson in Facilities. She received an email from Accounts Payable asking her to verify a request to change the Direct Deposit information for one of our contractors. In looking at the email it seemed suspicious so she worked with this company and together they discovered that it was in fact a fraudulent request. Thank you Angela for being cautious and a great steward of the University. 

Carolyn Phipps
Assistant Director, Business Operations

Paul Lozo
Director of Environmental Operations

Kudos to Custodial Staff

April 2020

Since the students left before knowing they would not be able to return, the Custodial Staff went through each Dorm room and Apartment to clean out the refrigerators and trash. This was no small task and we appreciate your efforts to help protect the student’s belongings. KUDOS to Sandra Smith, Jermaine Massenburg, Deardre Coleman, Coco Christian, Debra Merritt, Kitty Thorne, Louise Haines, Melvin Burleigh, Kirk Lewis, Pat Fobbs, Gabriel Garzon, Kim Jackson, Suada Jusovic, Sejida Turanovic, Francis Wyne, Nura Omerovic, Nadine Kigeri, Manny Haines, Nyadeng Arop, Antoinette Ferrell, Barbara Johnson, Mike Taylor for all of your effort and dedication to the students. 

Allison Steele
Associate Director, Custodial and Environmental Services

Kudos to Kristina Maricic

April 2020

This is to recognize Kristina Maricic. Who noticed and reported a leak on the first floor of the Law School. Kristina's quick action in putting two bins to catch the water coming from the ceiling and reporting it quickly saved the University much damages.

Thank you Kristina!

James Campbell
Custodial Supervisor

Kudos to Aubrey Grubbs, Mason Dickerson, Julian Cline, Adam Bartlett, Tommy Strickler and Frank McMurrough

April 2020

Kudos to several members of the Facilities Team; Aubrey Grubbs, Mason Dickerson, Julian Cline, Adam Bartlett, Tommy Strickler and Frank McMurrough who worked with Rec and Wellness staff to get a temporary gym set up in the Weinstein Center for everyone when they return. The Rec and Wellness staff also wanted to recognize the Custodial staff who has been very helpful in cleaning every day after the equipment was moved.

Kudos to Monica Taylor

April 2020

Kudos to Monica Taylor from our Dining Services team who volunteered at Feed More at the beginning of March. See her in action here!

Kudos to Frank McMurrough, Chris Machalski, Rich McDonald, Derrick McChristian, Wayne Van Staden, and Rick Richardson

March 2020

In late March, there was a main water line break on Bostwick hill. Frank McMurrough, a Mechanical Supervisor in Facilities, shared that Chris Machalski, Rich McDonald, Derrick McChristian, Wayne Van Staden and Rick Richardson quickly came together from different teams in Facilities to repair the leak. Kudos for the collaboration and great work! See a picture of their work here.

Kudos to Heilman Dining Center

March 2020

Kudos to staff in the Dining Hall for promoting social distancing! They have marked spots with tape on the floor to make sure people line up an appropriate distance apart when waiting for their food.

Kudos to Staff Still on Campus

March 2020

Though much work remains, I want you to know how incredibly grateful I am for the challenging work you are carrying out in the wake of this unprecedented public health crisis. Thank you for your leadership, the many extra hours worked, and above all the depth of care you have demonstrated for this place and for our shared mission. 

President Ronald Crutcher

Kudos to Dining Services

March 2020

I went to pick up a bag lunch on Wednesday, to see what the students still on campus are experiencing. Both of the staff members who were serving and stocking food were cheerful and kind, and I was touched to see how much this meant to the students. And to me. The lunch was pretty tasty, too! Thank you so much.

Martha Merritt
Dean and Carole M. Weinstein Chair of International Education

Kudos to Custodial Services

March 2020

These are unique and challenging times for us, situations we have not faced for many years now.  As the old saying goes, it takes “teamwork.”  And that is what your staff members have adopted.  They have taken on extra responsibilities without question.  Quite frankly, the custodial staff members hold the key to keeping the Covid-19 in decline.  Please let them know how much I appreciate them keeping my safety guarded.

Kay R. Robertson 
Assistant to the Dean
University of Richmond
School of Professional andContinuing Studies

Kudos to Allison Moyer

March 2020

Congratulations to Allison Moyer, Associate Director and Horticulturist in Landscape Services, on successfully passing her “5A Aquatic Pest Control” test last week! This test is very difficult and many people do not pass on their first try. It has been one of Allison's goals to get this certification since she came to UR and she studied for the test for weeks. Passing this test means that Allison can chemically spot treat duckweed in Westhampton Lake during the rare occasions that it's needed. 

Andrew McBride
Associate V.P. for Facilities and University Architect

Kudos to Campus Services

March 2020

Campus Services staff have been so great in being flexible. They are responding to anything and everything we have needed, which as you know has been ever evolving by the minute at times. It has helped tremendously. Kudos to all of them.

Tyler Betzhold
Executive Chef, Heilman Dining Center

Kudos to the Post Office

March 2020

You've been awesome to our office and it has been great to work with you. Thank you all for everything. I know this new campus set up is a burden that is falling largely on you all and we sure do appreciate that and how you all have responded.

Robb Moore
Assistant Vice President for Advancement Systems

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