How to Acquire Merchandise

All merchandise bearing University of Richmond marks must be acquired from a UR-licensed vendor. Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) manages licensing on behalf of the University. Through CLC, licensees submit all products and artwork for approval prior to production. Reproduced marks may not be altered in any way and the proper trademark or registration designation must be included in the design.

Departments or student groups may choose to work with the UR SpiderShop or a licensed vendor to design and acquire merchandise. The SpiderShop and licensed vendors have access to UR marks, including club sports.

Once the item has been designed, the SpiderShop or the vendor, will submit the design for approval through the CLC licensing web site, where it will make its way to UR Collegiate Licensing for approval. Once that step has been completed, the product can be produced.

Licensed Vendors

Internal Campus SuppliersThese are the vendors licensed to provide merchandise for giveaway/not for resale/ purely philanthropic purposes.