The University of Richmond Campus Post Office staff is excited about your arrival to campus. Mail Services offers a full array of services for USPS, along with mailing supplies and package preparation services. We are a drop-off and pick-up location for UPS and Fed Ex.

NEW! All student packages and mail will be distributed through new, automated parcel and mail lockers. Locker banks are located in the Campus Post Office, in the breezeway of Marsh Hall, and at 157 Gateway Village. Lockers are available 24/7 and are monitored by postal services staff.

Students will receive an email with a unique code, the locker location of the mail or package, and further instructions if needed. Students will be required to scan or swipe their OneCard to retrieve their packages and mail. 


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  • Where is the Post Office and when is it open?

    The Campus Post Office is located in the Heilman Center next to the OneCard Office and is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and 9 a.m. to 12 noon on the weekends (for package pickup only).

    Package lockers are located at the Post Office, 157 Gateway Village, and Marsh Hall. These lockers are available for package pick-up 24/7.

    The Campus Post Office is closed on all major holidays.

  • Who can receive mail and packages on campus?

    Only residential students are able to receive mail and packages on campus. Commuter students must have mail and packages delivered to their current address.

  • How should mail and packages be addressed?

    We know how important your packages are to you. The correct address and format for all mail and packages for students is as follows:

    Student Full Name
    UR Mailbox Number
    410 Westhampton Way
    Richmond, VA 23173

    Jane Marie Doe
    UR 0000
    410 Westhampton Way
    Richmond, VA 23173

    DO NOT put any nicknames or abbreviations of the students name on any mail or package. The name on the package and mail must match the name on the student ID for verification, accurate processing and delivery, and liability purposes. If the label on the package or mail is missing, incomplete, spelled incorrectly, a nickname, or unable to be clearly read for processing, the mail or package will be returned to the sender. Also, please do not include your dorm assignment.

  • I’m a freshman coming to University of Richmond in the fall. When can I start sending items to campus?

    You may begin sending your packages on August 7, 2023.

  • Does mail get delivered to my dorm?

    No. All student mail is centrally located at the Campus Post Office, at 157 Gateway Village, and at Marsh Hall. Students will receive an email with a unique access code when they receive mail or a package. The email will also contain instructions on where to retrieve their mail or package.  

  • How do I receive my mailbox information?

    This information can be located under your personal information on your BannerWeb account. If students forget their mailbox number, they should stop by the Post Office with their University ID. We are not permitted to give this information to anyone over the phone or via email.

  • Why do I have a mailbox number but not a physical mailbox?

    Mailbox numbers are used by postal staff to identify students but do not indicate a specific mailbox.

    If you have mail to pick up, you will receive an email with a unique access code along with instructions and the location of the smart mailbox where your mail has been placed. You will have 5 days to pick up the mail before it is returned to the Campus Post Office. 

  • When do I get my mail?

    Typically, mail is delivered by USPS in the mornings and is sorted daily. We cannot guarantee what time the mail will be delivered. 

  • How do I pick up my package?

    Students will receive an email with a unique code that gives them access to a package or mail locker. The email will also include information on the locker location.

    All students must present a valid student ID to pick up packages at the Post Office. If your student ID is lost or stolen, please go to the OneCard Office for a replacement.

  • What happens if I don’t check my mail/locker?

    If a student does NOT claim their postal mail after 5 business days of receiving the notification e-mail, the mail will be returned to the sender.

    Students have 24 hours to retrieve packages from lockers.

  • What if I want to send outgoing mail or a package?
    • If you want to send a letter, it must have the appropriate amount of postage (stamps) on it before you mail it. Postage can be obtained from the Post Office and can be paid using cash, check, credit card, or SpiderCard. We do not accept Dining Dollars.
    • Packages that are being sent out must have either a pre-paid label or a return label if not paying with USPS postage.
    • Please cover the addresses on the label with tape to prevent damage to the address. If the carrier cannot read the label it will not be picked up. Example: Jane Marie Doe UR 0000 410 Westhampton Way Richmond, VA 23173
    • UPS, DHL, LaserShip, FedEx, and the United States Post Office (USPS) pickup and drop off at the mailroom.
    • Please be mindful when ordering from Amazon that anything that is ordered for the same day, may not make it to our facility before we close. We are not responsible for any packages left after hours.
    • Outgoing packages should be brought to the mailroom by 4:15 p.m.
    • We do not sell postage on the weekends and any packages brought in will not go out until the next business day.
    • Please ensure that your package is handed to one on the employees inside the mailroom and that you receive a receipt of drop off. Please do not leave packages in the lobby of the Post Office. We are not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.
  • What size packages can I send/receive through the Post Office?

    Students may send packages 1 week before their move in date. Because of storage, as well as liability concerns, any package sent to the Post Office more than a week before the student move in dates, will be returned to the sender.

    Students are requested to not send more than:

    • 1 large box (18x18x24)
    • 2 medium boxes (18x18x16) or
    • 4 small boxes (16x12x12) at one time

    Anything larger then these dimensions will be returned to sender. Examples of these include:

    • Futons
    • Shelving units
    • Sofas
    • Rugs
    • Large computer chairs
    • Mini refrigerators (over 19x19x19 or 1.9 cubic feet)
    • Extra-large televisions (more than 50 inches)
    • Items heavier than 50 lbs., or
    • Large projector screens
  • How do I know when to come to the Post Office for my package?

    All student packages delivered to the Post Office are processed, marked with the student name and the date of delivery, and then logged into our package tracking system. Automated e-mails are sent out to the students once the package is processed. Please allow the Campus Post Office staff time to process packages. During peak times, this can be up to 4 hours.

    Students must wait until they receive an e-mail before coming to the Post Office. Delivery e-mails from vendors like Amazon do not necessarily mean your package is available for pick-up

  • Does the Post Office forward mail/packages?

    We only forward mail when students are listed as Study Abroad and one semester following graduation. If you do not classify as one of the above, please contact the mailroom to coordinate having a package sent to you. Some items require the receiver to pay for these items.

  • What if my package needs refrigeration?

    All refrigerated items will be kept for 24 hours. Any items like flowers or Edible Arrangements will be redirected to the Student Involvement Office in Tyler Haynes Commons.

  • I addressed my package with the old address or incorrect information. What should I do?

    Please notify the sender ASAP so that they can correct the information on your behalf. We also recommend contacting the courier so that they can correct the information before it is returned to the sender. Many couriers charge a fee for changing the address after it has shipped. Payment is the responsibility of the student and not the Campus Post Office.